What is the Vendor Acceptance Procedure?
  1. You must complete the vendor request form.  
  2. Type of goods/products meets our Farmers Market requirements. 
  3. Quantity/Quality of products. 
  4. Market history; the number of years previously involved with the Fountain Inn Farmers market, attendance record, and history of compliance with market rules.
  5. Booth set up/ appearance. 

The Fountain Inn Farmers Market has a ratio of different vendors in order to maintain diversity in the products and goods sold during the market season. The ratio is as follows: 

50% Farmer/Rancher/Grower: Farmers sell regionally grown vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, herbs, flowers, or nursery crops from seeds or plants. Beekeepers, egg farmers, poultry, and livestock producers are considered farmers.

30% Value Added Product Vendors: Vendors that use regionally grown produce to make their products (such as baked goods, sauce, bread, etc.) 

20% Art & Craft Products: Those who produce original, unique and high-quality items which bring added value to FIFM. All products must be the actual work of the artisan. No commercial items, no imported items, no manufactured items, and no second-hand items shall be resold by artisans. 

The FIFM is committed to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality, regionally produced products available. The Fountain Inn Farmers Market reserves unconditional discretion to accept or refuse anyone as a market vendor.  The selection process takes into consideration many factors including product quality, sourcing, growing practices, presentation, seniority, safety, compliance, customer service, and the right product mix to ensure a successful market.

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