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Posted on: January 9, 2024

The INNvision Comprehensive Plan is here!

Comp Plan Survey

The City of Fountain Inn just wrapped up its new INNvision Comprehensive Plan, and it's a big deal for all of us! This plan isn't just some paperwork – it's our guide for how our city will grow and develop. It covers things like where we'll build, how we'll get around, and what kind of community we want to be.

So, why should you check it out? Well, this plan isn't just made by city officials; it's a result of everyone pitching in. Your feedback was crucial in shaping it. It's like a roadmap for our shared future, and by giving it a read, you get to see the vision we've crafted together.

Big shoutout to the amazing staff who worked hard on this, and of course, hats off to our City Council for leading the way. This is a win for us all, a testament to our community spirit and dedication. Let's dive into our INNvision Comprehensive Plan and see the exciting path we've charted for Fountain Inn!

Check out the plan here!

Check out the plan!
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