Request a Proclamation

Guidelines and Procedures


The Fountain Inn City Council presents proclamations at regular session City Council meetings on the Second Thursday of each month.   Generally, they are issued to increase awareness of a cause, person, group, issue, or achievement within the City of Fountain Inn that aligns with the community's vision and values. The Fountain Inn City Council makes the final decision on whether a proclamation will be issued or not and reserves the right to edit any drafted material for final wording.

Proclamations will NOT be issued for:

  • Campaigns or events contrary to City policies, vision, or values.
  • Pending ballot or legislative issues.
  • An advertisement, endorsement, or commercial promotion.
  • Multiple proclamations for a similar subject matter (for example, "Month of the Young Child" and "Child Abuse Prevention Month"). It is preferred that these be consolidated.
  • Multiple proclamations for the same organization. It is preferred that these be consolidated.


  • Proclamation requests must be submitted at least 30 days in writing before the date on which the proclamation would be read at a City Council meeting.  
  • The requestor shall provide the language for the requested proclamation. Any draft language is subject to edits and revisions by the city without notice.
  • The draft language must fit on one page.
  • Annual proclamations will not be automatically renewed. Requests must be made on an annual basis. 
  • It is preferred that a representative be available to attend the Council meeting to accept the proclamation and provide a few brief remarks about the proclamation subject.
  • Proclamations are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Because there is a limit to the number of proclamations presented during City Council meetings, the sooner a proper request for a proclamation is made, the more likely it will be presented at the meeting requested. If there are three (3) proclamations already on the agenda, your requested proclamation may have to be postponed until another date.
  • Proclamations should promote the community values, goals, strategic plan, and operating principles of the City of Fountain Inn.
  • The Fountain Inn City Council reserves the right to deny any proclamation request where the criteria are not met and to edit any drafted material for final wording.


  1. Please submit your request for a proclamation at least 30 days before the date of the City Council meeting, at which it will be read by completing the Proclamation Request FormYour request will go directly to the City Clerk's Office.
  2. Proclamations must fit on one (1) 8 ½ X 11" sheet of paper with room remaining for the signature of the Mayor and City seal.
  3. Please review these sample proclamations for ideas on how to word your own proclamation.
  4. The requestor will be contacted with a confirmation date and time of the presentation of the proclamation.
  5. The requestor and/or the recipient of the proclamation shall attend the Council meeting when the proclamation is to be presented. The recipient should be prepared to say a few words about the proclamation's subject matter.
  6. The proclamation can be accepted in person at a Council meeting or mailed to the recipient after the Mayor signs it.
  7. Each request must include:
  • The name, telephone number, and email address of at least one contact person who is requesting the proclamation,
  • The date the proclamation is to be presented,
  • At least four (4) "whereas" clauses,
  • The name, title, and name of the organization of the person that will accept the proposed proclamation, and
  • The request must include the mailing address where the original proclamation should be mailed if the Council meeting is held virtually.

If you have any questions, please contact our City Clerk at 864-862-0882.

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