Fall Baseball/Softball

The Parks and Recreation Department is fortunate and excited to have your child participate with our Youth Sports Leagues!  Youth learn the fundamentals of the sport with experienced coaches & mentors. Participating in youth sports helps young athletes learn about leadership, discipline, and perseverance, achieving successes and navigating challenges.  A league player enhances their physical fitness, develops resilience and strength

Registration Dates: July 1st-26th, deadline at 5:00p  

Online Registration:  You can create an account and register by clicking here.  You will be redirected to the Fountain Inn Parks & Recreation Catalog Page

CivicRec Account Management- Mobile Device Compatible: The Recreation Department acknowledges the importance of making sure that athletes and their families and volunteers have current and correct information throughout the season.  As CivicRec is a newly acquired registration software system, it does not have the availability of an APP but is transformed to what is termed Mobile Device Compatible, as one uses a mobile device or cell phone to manage a CivicRec account, the screen or visibility has the appearance of an APP without the need to download one- it is automatic. Account-holders can change the screen that appears to mimic a desktop view by opening the Menu and then clicking on Desktop View.    

Cost: Registration cost is $60.00 in city limits and $70.00 out of City

Payment: Credit and Debit card payments can be made through online checkout. Cash payments can be made at the Activities Center (610 Fairview Street).  Please note: registration is not counted unless you have a receipt from the CivicRec registration website before the registration deadline.  Registrations may be taken after the deadline if a spot is available otherwise a waiting list will be established

Duration: Practices are set to begin TBD, Games are tentative to begin the week of TBD and the program end is projected to be through June 6th 

Location: Practices will be held at Emanuel Sullivan Sports Complex (ESSC), 700 Woodside Avenue as well as PD Terry City Park, 116 Cannon Avenue.  Games will be held at ESSC and other local municipality league locations TBD, i.e. Mauldin, Simpsonville, etc.

Schedule:  Schedules are finalized after registration ends. Schedules are pending the availability of volunteer coaches and registration numbers. Each team should anticipate two sessions per week, i.e., two practices, two games, one game-one practice, etc. Most practices and games are approximately 1 hour.  

8U, 10U & 13U Evaluation & Team Selections: Evaluation Dates are Projected to be the evening of TBD and  at Emanuel Sullivan Sports Complex (ESSC).  You will be scheduled on only one day.   You will receive your specified date and time after registration ends and will be notified by email.  You will also be notified of your Coach and Roster and initial practice schedule within two days after evaluations, also by email

Evaluations are a time for athletes to show skill level.  As a Community Recreation League, it is understood that participants have various levels of play and knowledge of each seasonal sport.  It is a priority of the Recreation Department to make sure that each team is selected in a manner that is reflective of a healthy balance of seasoned players, players that may have never played, and every level in between.  

Tee Ball (Spring league only)- Coed- Age 4 any athlete that registers for this league must turn 4 before June 6, 2022.  All games will be played on the Miracle League Field (tennis shoes only- no cleats)

6U Minor League Coaches Pitch (Spring league only)- Coed If a child is currently in kindergarten and has already played a year of Tee Ball, then register for Minor League Coaches Pitch.   Batters will have 3 pitches from the coach before the ball is placed on a tee

Opening Day or Picture Day is (Spring league only) on Opening Day athletes will be scheduled to have Team and individual pictures, some teams will also have their first game on this day as well.  Photos will be taken at Emanuel Sullivan Sports Complex (ESSC).

Volunteer Coaches, Parents & Assistants: Gratitude and thanks to our many volunteers that anchor this Recreation Department with success!!!   You are much needed and appreciated!  It is important to the Recreation Department to get to know those that are leading and facilitating within our youth leagues.   Please reach out and connect with one of our Youth Sports & Recreation Leaders if you are interested or have questions about the process to become a volunteer 

Recreation League Contact: 864-862-4675

Russell Haltiwanger, Parks & Director (Russell.haltiwanger@fountaininn.org), 

Chad Chandler, Recreation Manager (chad.chandler@fountaininn.org)  

Lea Burns, Athletics Coordinator (lea.burns@fountaininn.org)