2022 Basketball Coed Summer Camp

The City of Fountain Inn presents the 2022 Youth Coed Basketball Summer Camp. The Parks and Recreation Department is fortunate and excited to have your child participate with our Youth Sports Programs.  Athletes will learn fundamentals of the sport with experienced coaches & mentors. Basketball helps young athletes learn about leadership, discipline, and perseverance, enhances physical fitness,  resilience and strength 

Registration DatesJuly 1-24th

Participation & Registration:  3rd-8th Grade Athletes may register for this program if they have completed 3rd Grade and/or turn 8 by the first day of camp 7/18 and for athletes that have completed 8th grade and must not exceed age 14 for the duration of camp, through 7/28. Click here to be redirected to the Registration Catalog Page. 

Registration Fees:  $60/$70 (non-Resident) 

Waiting List: a limited number of registrations will be taken in order to maintain program formatting and quality before a waiting list is started and potentially that number may be reached before registration ends.  This does not mean that the participant will not be able to enroll, it just simply means that an inventory of registrations, staff and facility space needs to be identified before adding from the waitlist.

Session Schedule: July 25-28, Monday-Thursday, 12:30p-3:00p

 Program Coordinator: Harold Chapman


Program Focus 


Ball Handling- focus on skill development in ball control while dribbling, and learning to be productive in getting around defenders, finding openings to pass or shoot


Shooting- focus on skill development and knowledge of mechanic and/or body movement- details include; stance and balance, holding, follow-through, elbow alignment


Defense- focus on learning to incorporate strategies, alignments, and positioning that a team uses to prevent the opposing offense from scoring baskets. Learning defense requires the ability for adapting in quickness, footwork, and a deep understanding of the fundamentals


Agility- focus on incorporating drills that produce the understanding for the ability to adapt;  accelerate, decelerate, and change direction quickly while maintaining good body control. Basketball is not played in a straight line, but instead requires constant changes of direction. Therefore, acceleration is an extremely important aspect of agility in Basketball.


Transition Drills - The purpose and focus for a transition drill/system is to take advantage of the opponent's break downs while they are changing from offense to defense or from defense to offense. This drill focus is designed to teach the ability take control of and lengthen the transition period 


Application- athletes will focus on understanding essential basketball skills, developing knowledge of rules and terminology, proper techniques, and safety awareness through simulated game play or scrimmage- extending the opportunity for athletes to apply focus components, also extending the opportunity to ask questions furthering the athlete’s knowledge and awareness of the game