Citizens Review Committee

Mission Statement:

The Citizen's Review Committee (CRC) is committed to ensuring that the Fountain Inn Police Department has a professional police department whose members behave with integrity, fairness, and justice. As a representative of the community, our goal is to improve police services to the community by increasing understanding between community members and police officers. To insure police accountability, we provide this Citizen's Review Committee to air concerns on policy matters and individual cases alleging police misconduct.

Criteria for Appointment:

Must Be: 

Resident of Fountain Inn 
A registered voter 
At least 21 years of age 
Can not be convicted of a Felony 
Can have no more than (1) Misdemeanor conviction
Complete the Citizen's Police Academy (CPA)  within 12 months of appointment
Ride with an officer a minimum of 2 hours a quarter 
Be employed (a retiree or persons who oversee households; etc. is considered employed)
Sign and swear to the CRC Oath of Office
Sign and adhere to the CRC Limitations of Power

Selection Process: 

  • Members will be  nominated by Mayor and / or members of City Council.
  • 3 members representing minority based neighborhoods.
  • 2 Members representing Neighborhood Watch.
  • 2 Citizen's at large.

Terms of Office:

Consists of (7) Members 
Members select Chairperson
Three (3) Members serve for (3) years 
Four (4) Members serve for (2) years
Any CRC Member missing more than  two (2) consecutive meetings or four (4) meetings within a years time without cause will be removed from the committee.