How to Read Your Natural Gas Bill

Utility Bill Sample

How to Read Your Natural Gas Bill

We are taking it back to the basics! Your monthly natural gas bill from FING provides more information than you may realize.

Reading your bill should not be a hassle, so we have created a tell-all guide to clear up any confusion and help you understand your FING bill.

A… Account Details: This section provides your account details at a glance. It shows your account number, meter number, bill date, due date and also if you have a past due amount of when your cutoff date will be.

B… Calculations: On each bill, FING provides information on your current reads. We take the current read and subtract the previous read. We then take the total usage and multiply it by the BTU factor. Multiply that total by 100 or 1,00 depending on if your meter is MCF(1000) or CCF (100). Multiply that total by the $ rate for that meter then divide the total by 100 to move the decimal to the current place. (BTU and Rate is found under Residential Rates)

C… Explanation of Charges: Here, you will find if you have an outstanding balance and the last day to pay will be in red. The gas charges indicate the total cost of the gas used during the billing period. The facility charge is the cost of servicing your account.

D… Amount Due: This section shows the amount due and due date. The due date here is only if you have no past due amount. It will also show if you are on bank draft or if you have a credit which is indicated with a negative sign -.